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CureCancer is based within the Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta where researchers are working to discover new cancer targets, diagnostic tests and novel drug lead molecules.

Your contribution will be entirely used to support CureCancer researchers and their activities if you direct your donation to the "University of Alberta" and indicate "for CureCancer".

We welcome support at any level:

We also work with our partners including CRINA to raise funds for essential equipment and competitive cancer research projects including:

You are welcome to designate that you have a specific wish, for example to support a student in the Department of Biochemistry or Department of Oncology, or research on a particular form of cancer.

Your donation will provide invaluable support for our talented trainees, and will make a tremendous difference as they study new therapeutic targets, diagnostic methods and candidate drug molecules.

There are advantages to giving to the University of Alberta, which is a tax-exempt charity registered in Canada (# 10810 2831 RR0001), Alberta (# 210551) and the U.S.A. (# 98-6001254).

You are welcome to visit and hear short engaging talks by cancer researchers about their ideas and progress and tour our facilities. Our first set of events have been supported by generous donations from attendees, sponsorship from NACTRC, and a public engagement grant from AIHS. Thanks so much!

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Chamber for NANUC's 800 MHz NMR spectrometer