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Cancer research in Edmonton

CureCancer was formed by a group of researchers at the University of Alberta in 2016. We aim to engage the public in order to support fundamental and applied research that improves cancer detection and treatment.

We organize events featuring students, postdoctoral researchers and senior scientists involved in cancer research.

Our vision is to make Edmonton a leader in training the next generation of cancer researchers by encouraging support within the community.

Hundreds of people who are studying many different forms of cancer from across Edmonton have partipated so far, and you are warmly invited to join us to share your ideas.

Presenters are asked to give an engaging short talk, like a TED talk, about their journey and what they are most passionate about in their cancer research.

We welcome people to enquire about our efforts, and come visit to discuss how to make a difference by supporting cancer researchers in Northern Alberta.

NANUC entry
NANUC entry with Heritage Medical Research Centre in back